Evan McMullin files petition to appear on Tennessee Ballot

Noon today was the Tennessee petition deadline for independent Presidential candidates. According to Ballot Access News, Independent Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin was one nine candidates who filed. According to Politico, “the state could not disclose candidate tallies until each signature had been confirmed as that of a registered state voter”.

McMullin, who declared his candidacy for President of the United States less than two weeks ago, has also qualified in Iowa, Louisiana, Utah, and Colorado. He has also been selected as the Presidential candidate of Minnesota Independence Party.

236 Years of Individual Liberty

Democrats have discovered how to do to individuals what they have long done to the States – coerce by making them pay.

When Congress wants the States to do something but does not have the power to force them to do so, they tell the States that they have a choice… but if they don’t choose what the Federal Government wants them to do, the Federal Government will make them pay. For example, when the Federal Government wanted states to raise their legal drinking age to 21, they passed a law which withheld highway funds to states that did not do so.

With Obamacare, Congress asserted that it had the power under the Commerce Clause to force people to buy a product – health insurance – whether they wanted that or not. The Supreme Court struck that notion down today. What it affirmed, however, was the power of Congress to coerce citizens in another way. You have a choice… but if you don’t choose what the Federal government wants you to do, you will pay. The Congress can tax you – excessively – if you don’t make the choices they dictate (in this case, by purchasing a health care policy you don’t want, can’t afford, or don’t need).

In the end, it provides the illusion of choice but the net effect is the same – a devastating loss of personal choice and freedom that our Founding Fathers never would have dreamed of. The impact of today’s decision goes far beyond health care, and far beyond what is now accurately understood as the largest tax increase in American history – the Obama Healthcare Tax.

Today, as we approach the 236th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, we mark the end of individual liberty in the Grand Experiment known as the United States of America. The Experiment was designed to limit the power of the government and check the potential of tyranny. Those checks have now been removed – and we will see them exercise that power over and over in our lives.